Data protection

Data protection

The operator of hereby informs the Website’s (hereinafter referred to as: Website) visitors of the operator’s data handling practices, the technical and organizational measures taken for the protection of data, as well as visitors’ rights related thereto, and the possibilities for the enforcement of such rights.

The data is managed by Patricius Borház Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Operator) (registered office at: H-3917 Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy-dűlő, 3357 hrsz., Hungary)

In case Operator requests – for any purpose – personal data from the Website’s visitor (hereinafter referred to as: User), the following provisions shall apply.

This Data Protection Statement contains basic information regarding the management, processing, and filing of any personal data provided by User while using Operator’s Website. In case of further questions regarding the management of your data, please contact our customer service department before using the Website.

The Data Protection Statement may be amended at any time. It is Users’ responsibility to check the Website from time to time to ensure that they are aware of any possible changes. This Data Protection Statement has entered into force on the 1st of March 2010. Operator is responsible for the management of your personal data provided on the Website.

Data requests and cookies

Generally, Users are not required to provide any data in order to use the Website. The use of certain services may be conditioned on the provision of certain personal data to Operator.

Depending on the type of service, Operator may require the following personal data:

  • your name and contact details, including your email address, address, and data relating to your company;
  • information about your personal and professional interests;
  • demographic data;
  • your experiences with our products and your preferred contact method, so we can provide you with further information regarding our products and services.
  • Cookies may store information about the parameters of your device used for browsing, its browser, your settings, and your previous visits, so we can offer you a better user experience.

Additionally, the Website may place cookies on User’s device used for browsing, if you give your express consent to this upon your first entry to the Website. Please note that these cookies are stored on User’s own device used for browsing and not at Operator. Therefore, it is User who has full control over such cookies.

1. The scope of managed data

Cookies placed on User’s computer while visiting the Website may be used to automatically record the start and end times of User’s visit, User’s IP address, and in some cases – based on the settings of User’s computer – the type and language of the browser and the operating system, the parameters of User’s devices, settings selected by User on the Website, visited subpages, and time spent on such subpages. Operator can and will not link these data to personal data. It is your decision to share such data by express authorisation given to us and by the cookie settings of your browser.

The management of other data provided for the use of the Website is also based on User’s voluntary consent.

Operator requests that “minors” – according to relevant local legislation – do not make any legal transactions (such as purchases or any other transactions) without the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

2. The purpose of data management

Data is managed in order to ensure continuous contact between registered Users using the Website’s services and Operator, to improve user experience, and to survey public opinion. By using cookies, the system automatically generates statistical data about the duration of the visit and the pages visited, so that the Operator can improve and optimise the Website’s service, tailoring the services more precisely to the User’s needs.  Cookies are also used to help Operator provide User with contents aligned with User’s previous activities and to automatically load User’s own settings, making the use of the Website more convenient.

Operator uses and manages other data provided by User exclusively in order to provide User with services of higher quality, particularly in the following areas:

  • answering questions published on the Website;
  • sending our newsletters;
  • keeping internal records;
  • developing the Website’s content;
  • providing information about the Website’s updates;
  • personalising the Website’s content;
  • delivering the publications ordered on our Website to User.

Operator may contact User via email, phone, fax, or mail, provided that User did not select any of these methods as User’s preferred contact method. Operator shall not use personal data for purposes other than those specified above. Data provided in this manner shall be managed with User’s voluntary consent.

Operator shall treat all data and facts relating to Users as confidential. Such data and facts shall be used exclusively for the improvement of Operator’s services and for Operator’s own statistical purposes. Reports compiled using these data and facts shall be published only in a form that does not allow for the identification of specific Users.

Without your consent, Operator shall not transfer, publish, sell, lease, or disclose to third parties your personal data, unless it is required for purposes specified in this Data Protection Statement or prescribed by law.

If User provided personal data in order to receive information regarding Operator’s services via email, Operator shall continue sending such information by email until User expressly requests otherwise. In other cases, when submitting your personal data to Operator, you have the option to decide whether you wish to receive such information also by email.

3. Duration of data management

Session IDs are deleted automatically upon leaving the Website, but other types of cookies help Operator to keep User’s previous settings, data and information provided by User, and the specifics of User’s use of the Website, in order to ensure that User is not required to provide such settings, data, and information upon each visit and that User’s settings load automatically. This helps us create a more comfortable user experience. These cookies have different expiry dates. Generally, they remain on User’s device until deleted by User.

Operator shall not be liable for Operator’s previously deleted web pages that have been archived by web search engines. The search engine’s operator shall be responsible for the removal of such archived web pages.

4. People with access to the data, data processors

Personal data provided by Users are available to Operator’s employees.

Operator shall not disclose personal data to third parties other than those here specified. This does not apply to possible cases of mandatory data transfer prescribed by law, which may only occur under extraordinary circumstances. Before the fulfilment of data requests from authorities, Operator shall examine if legal grounds for such transfer really exist regarding all data.

5. Users’ rights related to the management of their personal data, data deletion

Users’ voluntary consent constitutes legal grounds for data management.

Users may request information regarding the management of their personal data. Upon request, Operator informs the concerned about their managed data, the purpose and duration of and legal grounds for data management, Operator’s name, address (registered office at: H-3917 Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy-dűlő, 3357 hrsz, Hungary), and activities related to data management, and about those who receive or have received such data, and the purpose of making the data available to these persons. This information can be requested at Operator’s postal address (registered office at: H-3917 Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy-dűlő, 3357 hrsz, Hungary) or at the email address

Users may request the correction or deletion of their personal data using the same contact methods.

In case of improper use of the Website’s services or upon User’s personal request, the data related to User will be deleted. The deletion shall take place within 24 hours of the working day following the receipt of the deletion request.

Operator places great emphasis on the security of your personal data. In order to prevent unauthorised access to personal data, Operator uses the appropriate physical and electronic procedures to ensure the protection and security of data received online.

As cookies are stored on the User’s device and not at the Website’s Operator, User’s cookie settings related to the Website may be modified or deleted under the “settings” menu of User’s browser used to access the internet. For further information regarding your settings, please consult the “help” menu of your browser. You may use the “settings” menu to modify your cookie settings or to delete cookies previously placed by Operator on your device used for browsing.

6. Data security measures

Operator stores personal data on the servers of Web Hosting Kft. (registered office at: H-1116 Budapest, Talpas u. 3., Hungary, branch office at: H-9700 Szombathely, Semmelweis Ignác utca 2.,, which are guarded by 24-hours manned security, and are located on the Hungarian Internet backbone.

7. Right enforcement possibilities

Users, who feel that their right to the protection of their personal data has been violated by Operator, may pursue their rights before civil court or seek the assistance of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, NAIH). Detailed statutory provisions related thereto and to Operator’s obligations are set out in Hungarian Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information.

The Data Protection Statement was created based on the Hungarian Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information and on the Hungarian Act VI of 1998 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

8. Information on threats to privacy

Using the Internet entails various dangers threatening privacy.

Please note that your personal opinion published on the Website constitutes personal data, which may be used to draw conclusions about your special data, including your origin or political beliefs. These data become available to the public.

It is recommended that you use PETs (Privacy-Enhancing Technologies) for the protection of your personal data. Further information regarding such technologies can be found on several websites.

9. Important websites

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Data Protection Information

Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, NAIH)