Legal notice

Legal notice

Please read thoroughly and ensure that you understand the following terms and conditions before using the website. Please read the Data Protection Statement as well.

This website (hereinafter referred to as: Website) – together with all the information, communications, software, photos, programming codes, videos, texts, music, graphics, sounds, images, and other material or services on the Website (hereinafter referred to as: Content) – is operated by www. (hereinafter referred to as: Operator) for the users of Operator’s products and services and the members of the public, and solely for the legitimate purposes specified below.

By accessing or using the Website, the Website’s visitor (hereinafter referred to as: User) accepts and agrees to be bound by the below Website Terms of Use.

1. Acceptance of Terms, applicable law

By opening, browsing and/or using the Website, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms (hereinafter referred to as: Terms) and agree to comply with the relevant legislation and legislative measures. You declare that you are entitled to accept these Terms on you own behalf or on the behalf of the party represented by you. If any provision of these Terms is declared invalid by legislation, laws, regulations, or other regulatory measures of a state, or the final verdict of a court, the enforceability of the Terms’ other provisions shall remain unaffected by such invalidity.

You must not use the Website without accepting these Terms.

The Website’s content and access to the Website may be changed, modified, or revoked by Operator. Therefore, User shall check the Website Terms of Use upon each visit.
Specific documents on the Website may be subject to further terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions are specified in the document in question itself.

2. Access authorisations

Subject to Operator’s discretion, the right to access the Website may be modified, revoked, or terminated by Operator at any time.

3. Terms and Conditions for the use of the Content

The Content is under copyright protection. Copyright © Operator. All rights reserved. The content is protected by copyright, international conventions, and all the relevant national legislation.
The entirety of the Website’s content is the intellectual property of Operator or other entities that authorised Operator to use the Content.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the possibility to access the Website or any part of its Content shall not be construed as granting – indirectly, implicitly, or otherwise – any rights or authorisation to the use of the intellectual property published on the Website without the written consent of the Operator or the appropriate third party.  Operator does not grant to User any express or implied rights to the intellectual property of Operator or third parties published on the Website. Without the prior written consent of Operator or the appropriate third party, User shall not copy, reproduce (whether by creating links or by any other means), modify, lease, rent, sell, create derivative works from, upload, forward, or distribute in whole or in part the Content.  Furthermore, it is prohibited to publish in any media, broadcast, transmit, or store – in part or in whole – on a computer the intellectual property available on the Website in either its original or adapted form.

Unless specifically indicated by Operator, the visible and readable materials on the Website are under copyright protection. The use of such materials without the written authorisation of Operator is prohibited, unless stated otherwise in this Website Terms of Use or in the text on the Website. Operator is the owner of or is authorised to use the images, photos, and illustrations on the Website. Unauthorised use of the images may constitute an infringement of copyright laws, trademarks, rights relating to personality, laws on advertising, and rules and laws on communications.   Unauthorised use entails both criminal and civil law consequences. Operator may demand to have the infringement discontinued and compensation for damages.

However, Operator permits the displaying, downloading, or printing for personal, non-commercial use of certain parts of the material on the Website. Ownership information shall not be modified in or deleted from the materials downloaded from the Website.

4. Authorisations

Operator consents to the browsing of the Website on computer or mobile phone and to the printing of excerpts exclusively for personal use without the intent to distribute. For copying with the intent to distribute, Operator’s written consent is required. For the purpose of the policy, distribution shall mean further using, storing in a data base, making available for download, and putting on the market reproduced parts of the Website. For certain documents on the Website, further conditions may apply, which are specified in the documents in question.

5. Management of materials submitted via the Website

(In case the editorial board developing the Website permits the publication of materials, written works, images, press releases, and other matters provided by Users on Operator’s Website, the following rules shall apply to the management of these materials.)

The publication of materials on the Website is the responsibility of the editorial board, which has the right, but is not obliged to publish on the Website the materials sent by Users to the Website’s Operator.

Communications or material sent to Operator via the Website or email shall NOT be regarded as confidential.
User undertakes to ensure that the content of the communication or material is not illegal or otherwise unfit for publication, to make every effort to remove viruses or other harmful elements from any communication or material before submitting such communication or material, and to ensure that User owns or has unrestricted right to use and send to Operator the material to be sent.

By sending various materials (such as comments, written opinions, images, and similar materials) to Website’s Operator, User transfers all rights to Website’s Operator, including the rights to publish, use in any way,  condense, modify, or remove these materials.

Operator shall not be obliged to refrain from the reproduction, publication, and use – in any form and for any purpose whatsoever – the communication or material. The content of the communications or materials – including any ideas, innovations, concepts, methods, and know-hows – may be used by Operator freely, without any compensation to the sender, and for any purpose, including the development, production, and/or placing on the market of products and services.

User accepts that, after the date of submission, these rights may be exercised without compensation, are unrestricted in time and space, and are freely transferable to third parties by the Website’s Operator. User also agrees not to initiate any proceedings against Operator in connection with the published material.

User undertakes not to take any legal action against Operator in connection with the submitted materials, and to indemnify Operator should a third party take any legal actions against Operator related to materials submitted by User. Operator is unable to control the user-published content on the Website. Operator shall in no way be held liable for the content and information that can be found here, including the trueness and accuracy of such content and information. Operator has the discretionary right to remove User-published content at any time.

6. Terms and Conditions for publication of material

Materials intended for publication on the Website shall not infringe on the rights of third parties, such as rights related to copyrights, trademarks, or rights to bear a name. Website’s Operator does not monitor continuously, does not identify with, and does not claim ownership of User-published materials on the Website.

Before publishing the materials, User shall make sure to have all the rights and permissions necessary for publication; otherwise User is required to acquire all the necessary rights and permissions. User shall make sure that the material does not contain parts that are illegal or otherwise unfit for publication. User shall make every effort to scan the materials for viruses and other infectious or harmful elements, and to remove such elements.

Website’s Operator is not obliged to verify whether User-published materials infringe on the rights of third parties. In case of breach of these Terms and Conditions, User shall be liable to Website’s Operator. All costs and damages arising from such breach shall be borne by User. These costs and damages include the settlement of the claims of third parties together with the fees of attorneys arising from User’s infraction against Website’s Operator.

7. Terms and Conditions for deletion of material

It is User’s responsibility to make backup copies of materials published on the Website that are important to User. Website’s Operator shall in no way be held liable for the irretrievable loss of such materials resulting from data deletion or modification. Website’s Operator shall not be required to keep such materials in any form.

8. Modifications

Operator has the right to fully or partially modify or remove the Content at any time without notification. These Terms can be amended by Operator by updating this document. By using the Website, User agrees to be bound by such amendments, and undertakes to regularly open the Website in order to check the Terms to be observed.

9. External references

In order to provide Users with the most valuable content possible, Operator may place references to third-party websites on the Website. When opening links to third-party websites, the terms of use of such websites shall be carefully read and accepted before the use of the websites.
User acknowledges that Operator has no control over the linked pages, even if the third party is associated with Operator. Operator shall in no way be liable for content created or published on such third-party websites. Links to other pages only serve the convenience of the Website’s Users.

10. Exclusion of liability

All information published on the Website is available solely for the purpose of responding to general inquiry and providing generic information.

Although Operator strives to publish accurate and up to date information on the Website, Operator shall not be liable for any inaccuracies of such information. The Website and its content are provided on an “as is” basis, Operator assumes no liability – neither express, nor implied – for the availability, accuracy, reliability, and content of the Website and the websites referenced on the Website.
Operator excludes to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law all liabilities and warranties, whether implied or under statute or other legislation, including, but not limited, to warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Additionally, Operator assumes no liability for the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Website, the correction of errors, the virus- and malware-free state of the web server, and the compatibility of the Website with all the hardware and software used by User. Relevant legislation my not permit the exclusion of certain warranties, so the above exclusions may not apply to you.

11. Limitation of liability

Operator assumes no liability – neither express nor implied – for the access or use of the Website, the Website’s unsuitability for use or improper functioning – including the virus- and malware-free state of the web server –, any deficiencies or malfunctions of the Website, delays in data transmission, or the use of the published information and materials.

Operator assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages, incurred costs, business interruptions, or lost profits arising from the above, regardless of Operator’s awareness of the possibility of such damages.  Relevant legislation may not permit the exclusion of certain warranties, so the above exclusions may not apply to you.

12. Trademarks

Operator reserves all rights not expressly specified herein. It is prohibited to use the trademarks, slogans, or other content available on the Website in a way that is not in compliance with these Terms and the applicable laws.

User is not granted any licence or right to use any commercial markings or trademarks appearing on the Website.

13. Miscellaneous provisions

The developer of the Website, Web Hosting Kft. (registered office at: H-1116 Budapest, Talpas u. 3, Hungary, branch office at: H-9700 Szombathely, Semmelweis Ignác u. 2, Hungary – Pelikán Palace Irodaház, reserves the right of ownership of the source code. (Source code shall mean all parts and components of the Website that are not created by Operator or User.) Web Hosting Kft. assumes no liability for the images and texts appearing on the Website.

The source code, as an intellectual creation, is under copyright protection in accordance with Article 1(2)(c) of the Hungarian Act LXXVI of 1999.