During the grape processing we use gravity flow as it is the gentlest way of processing and allows us to best preserve the grapes’ value. During our winemaking we preserve the wine’s fruitiness and allow the minerality given by the land – the character of Tokaj – to shine. Our modern 3-storey winery was completed in 2005. After processing we carefully look after our single-vineyard lots – which reflect the interesting qualities of our vineyards – in our cellars. By aging lots individually from different vineyards, each of which has its own unique soils, we have the opportunity to get to know the distinctive nature of our lands. The variety of terroirs with their base rock, soils and microclimate are easily distinguishable in our wines. During the blending of lots the complexity and harmony are the essence of some lots, and in the best vintages we release the outstanding lots as single-vineyard wines