Patricius Winery was created in the Tokaj Wine Region by the Kékessy family’s winemaking commitment that draws from the past and future. The 68,5-hectare estate, which has six historic first-growth vineyards, is based in Bodrogkisfalud, in a press house we renovated that once belonged to nobles and features in the Tokaj-Hegyalja Album printed in 1867. This building is connected to an organic-style, modern winery with gravity-flow system, that perfectly reflects the co-existence of traditions and the state-of-the-art modernity in the world heritage landscape.

Our deep respect for the wine region’s traditions is an important part of our winery’s philosophy. We know that our predecessors achieved great things and we also recognise that these traditions need to be revived and passed on. We live in harmony with traditional values, drawing from them, continuing the work that our ancestors started – and striving to do all this appropriately for the people of today and their challenges. Tradition, values, uniqueness, balance – these express our mission. History, the knowledge and life experience of local people, and the region’s unique character, all what we draw inspiration from. The pursuit of harmony and equilibrium that is typical of the cycle of nature guides and defines our work both in the vineyard and the cellar.

Patricius is one of the defining wineries of the region. In addition to winemaking we play an active role in organising the cultural life of the wine region. We would like to make our visitors aware that wine is born in a region, nurtured by the local traditions, so it is essential for us to preserve and show our cultural and natural assets. The Tokaj landscape sweeps you up, and it would be great if future generations are able to admire its beauty too and if they are able to live together with the rich cultural heritage the environment offer. With nearly two decades of experience, we now clearly understand the mission laid out before us, which is none other than creating a modern, clean and elegant iterations of natural wonders  and human values that the Tokaj region encompasses.